Honda CB360 scrambler by Slipstream Creations

Retro chic: Slipstream’s Honda CB360 scrambler

The custom scene is scattered with craftspeople that do more than just build awesome motorcycles. James Fawcett is a prime example. As Slipstream Creations he makes furniture, paints bicycle frames, does ad-hoc welding and fabrication jobs, and even upcycles spark plugs to create coat racks. He also finds time to build custom motorcycles like this…

Honda CB360 customized by Federal Moto of Canada.

Honda CB360 by Federal Moto


I must confess, I get excited every time a ‘budget build’ from a professional outfit lands in my inbox. The true masters are those that can do the most with the least—finding innovative ways to build bikes that are humble in price without sacrificing an iota of aesthetic prowess. This sharp little Honda CB360 from…

Honda CB360

Honda CB360

There’s a freewheeling spirit about the Southern California motorcycle scene that I find strangely compelling. And these shots of a classic Honda…