A neo-classic custom Suzuki RG400 from the French workshop Lazareth

Getting Personal: Ludovic Lazareth’s Suzuki RG400

Ludovic Lazareth builds some of the world’s most extreme custom bikes. You know the type: they appear on websites that wouldn’t normally feature motorcycles, just because they’re so outrageous. So when Monsieur Lazareth decided to build a bike for himself, we expected to see the ultimate clickbait. Instead, he’s exercised more restraint than usual and…

BMW R1200R

BMW R1200R by Lazareth


Ludovic Lazareth has made a name for himself in France with extreme car and motorcycle customs. How about a Mini pickup powered by a 3.5-liter Range Rover engine? A trike with a Ferrari V8 under the hood? Or a custom Yamaha FZR1000 with Tron-style bodywork and a supercharger bolted on? Monsieur Lazareth has a wild…