The ICON Airflite Omnicrux MIPS helmet
Schwinn-inspired Yamaha XS650 by MotoRelic

Adult Schwinn: A Stingray-inspired Yamaha XS650


We’ve had our eye on Sean Skinner at MotoRelic for a while now. The Virginia-based builder has a knack for creating tidy restomods and customs, and knows how to nail that ‘factory’ vibe. But he’s just thrown us a major curveball with his latest project: a vintage Schwinn-inspired Yamaha XS650. This deviation from MotoRelic’s usual…

Custom BMX moped by Blackmarket Project

Chiller: A BMX-style moped from Saint Petersburg

The debate rages on whether electric motorcycles are better than petrol-powered ones. Meanwhile a group of mad scientists in Saint Petersburg have side-stepped the argument completely, by building two near-identical bikes; one petrol, one electric. And we honestly don’t know which one we like more. Meet ‘Chiller’—a cross between a BMX cruiser and a moped,…

Ducati Cucciolo

There’s a story behind most interesting motorcycles, and so it is with this remarkable little machine. Between 1946 and 1948, Ducati produced…