Custom Harley Softail by One Way Machine

Black Phantom: OWM’s custom Harley Softail oozes avant-garde style


While it’s no secret that we’re fans of Harley-Davidson’s Milwaukee-Eight Softail range, there’s not a single one in the bunch that we could fairly call lithe or elegant. And yet, that’s exactly how we’d describe this custom Harley Softail from Germany’s One Way Machine. Appropriately nicknamed ‘Black Phantom,’ it’s an exquisite machine—even by One Way…

Custom Harley-Davidson Softail Standard by One Way Machine

Modernized: OWM’s custom Harley Softail Standard

During his first decade of building custom bikes as One Way Machine, Julian von Oheimb worked exclusively on older Harley-Davidsons. Then, about a year ago, a customer asked him to apply his signature touch to a modern Milwaukee Eight-powered Softail. Julian obliged—and even though the platform demanded a fresh approach, he still knocked it out…