Meet Gabrielle, a Harley Dyna custom with a street tracker attitude.

Remaking The Harley Dyna, Street Tracker Style

When the Spanish workshop Radical Ducati closed in 2014, we feared it would be the last of Pepo Rosell’s incredible work. His 13-year partnership with Reyes Ramon produced some of the best ever custom Ducatis. Thankfully, after a 12-month hiatus, the Frenchman has resurfaced to launch a new workshop—Extreme Pepo. He’s still based in Madrid,…

Cafe Veloce by Radical Ducati

Adiós, Radical Ducati


News has just broken that Radical Ducati is no more. The Madrid workshop run by Pepo Rosell and Reyes Ramon has suddenly shut down, despite a string of high-profile customs and critical acclaim. A brief statement on Radical Ducati’s Facebook page signaled the end. “It has been more than 15 years of passion, designing, fabricating,…

Ducati Monster M900

Radical Ducati Monster M900


No one does that raw, retro racer look as well as Radical Ducati. The Madrid workshop channels a very appealing vintage aesthetic—and then backs it up with serious performance upgrades. Pepo Rosell and Reyes Ramon build Ducatis that go as fast as they look. This is their latest, nicknamed ‘Endurance 2013’ and based on a…

Ducati 48 Sport

Radical Ducati 48 Sport

Radical Ducati is best known for its ultra-desirable transformations of contemporary superbikes. But the Spanish company occasionally turns its hand to vintage…

Radical Ducati

Radical Ducati Corsa Evo

Radical Ducati is in the business of making good sportbikes great. The Spanish company produces top-drawer accessories and go-faster kits for most…

Radical Ducati

Radical Ducati 9½

Madrid-based Radical Ducati is on a roll at the moment, raiding Ducati parts bins from the past twenty years to produce a…