Radical Ducati 9½

Radical Ducati
Madrid-based Radical Ducati is on a roll at the moment, raiding Ducati parts bins from the past twenty years to produce a steady supply of jaw-dropping customs. This latest bike is inspired by racing Ducatis from the 1970s and the ‘monocilindrica’ 450cc. The starting point of 9½ was the frame from a 1997 Monster M900, chopped at the back to accommodate a racing-style tail unit. A single-sided swingarm is hooked up to the rear wheel from a 916, while the tank is from a 999.

The liquid-cooled engine is from an ST2 Sports Turismo; it breathes through German Wolfman manifolds, with exquisite Laser megaphones attached to the other end. The solo seat is from RD’s RAD02 Cafe Racer—featured on Bike EXIF a year ago—and despite the ragbag of parts, the whole thing hangs together remarkably well.

It’s as ‘naked’ as they come, but with a delicious hint of vintage racebike. Fancy one in your garage?

Images by Javier Fuentes.

Radical Ducati 9½ Specification
Modified Monster 900 frame
M900 97 fork
M900 carburetors
Single side swingarm kit
M900 front wheel
916 rear wheel
Brembo disc brakes
Brembo PR19 brake pump.
Frentubo blue Kevlar brake lines
ST2 engine (tuned)
K&N air filters
916 racing electrical wiring
Aviacompositi rev counter
ST2 original ECU
Wolfman two independents exhaust tubes
Laser megaphones
SP footpegs
Malagutti 500 water radiator
MT03 aluminum modified front mudguard.
999 fuel tank with Ergal quick-open gas tap.
RAD 02 Cafe Racer solo seat.
Tomaselli aluminum clipons

Radical Ducati
Radical Ducati
Radical Ducati
Radical Ducati