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Manuhrin MK75 scooter

Manurhin scooter

When I was a lad growing up in the North of England, the Mod Revival was in full swing. Scooters were everywhere, mostly heading down the M1 motorway for weekend trips to the south coast resorts. At that time, I couldn’t tell the difference between a Vespa and a Lambretta, so goodness knows if one…

Centaur Scooter


This, believe it or not, is a scooter capable of 40 mph (60 kph). It’s the Centaur, a folding two-wheeler built from 1960 until 1965. It was designed by James Wilford Foster, Lambretta’s US importer, and built by the American Motor Scooter Company. Want to see what it looks like open? Bob Stein of Caroholic…