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Teeth Gnasher: a race-ready Triumph Scrambler bike.

Teeth Gnasher: Thor Drake’s Scrambler bike

Thor Drake’s love for motorcycling and his desire to go beyond the ordinary can be seen in his latest project, a race-ready 2010-spec Triumph Scrambler. It’s at home on the track, in the woods and on the road. Drake, part-owner of Portland-based See See Motor Coffee Co., has an easy smile and boyish exuberance. But…

A look behind the scenes at Portland's favorite custom motorcycle shop, See See.

Shop Visit: See See Motor Coffee Co.

Thor Drake owns Portland’s finest custom motorcycle store. He is also improbably tall, and his name is pronounced ‘Tor’ with no ‘h’. You could say he’s the living embodiment of the city’s unofficial slogan: “Keep Portland Weird.” If the name sounds familiar, that’s probably because Thor runs The One Motorcycle Show and organizes the 21…