Custom TVS Ronin by Smoked Garage

Mushashi: A custom TVS Ronin by Smoked Garage


It’s become common practice for major OEMs to launch new bikes by showing off custom versions of them. And we’re here for it—especially when those companies pick the right workshops, and the results turn out this good. You’re looking at a custom TVS Ronin—a brand new 225 cc modern retro, customized to great effect by…

Rocket ship: An 80s-style Kawasaki Z800 from Smoked Garage

Rocket ship: An 80s-style Z800 from Smoked Garage

The Kawasaki Z800 flew under the radar in most countries. It’s good rather than great: a solid, slightly buzzy streetfighter that’s carrying a few too many pounds. It ended up being overshadowed by Yamaha’s all-conquering MT-09. But once you strip off the jagged plastics, there’s a very good base for customization. We’re betting the Z800…