The ICON Airflite Omnicrux MIPS helmet
Bandit-powered Suzuki XR69 tribute by dB Customs

Spirit of 69: dB Customs’ Suzuki XR69 race replica

The Suzuki XR69 holds a special place in classic superbike lore. That puts it well inside the wheelhouse of Canadian builder Darren Begg, who specializes in fast bikes from the late 70s and 80s. He’s just finished piecing together this stunning XR69 replica—with a slightly period incorrect spec sheet. “It’s not a traditional GS1000-engined XR69,”…

The Outlaw: turning the Suzuki Bandit 600 into a modern-day cafe racer.

Are We Ready For A Suzuki Bandit Cafe Racer?

There are some motorcycles that lend themselves easily to cafe racer conversions—like the Hinckley Bonneville, or the Honda CB750. You’ll find a plethora of both in the EXIF archives. Then there are bikes that tend to be overlooked, or in some cases, avoided. The Suzuki Bandit falls into the latter category. Despite being a naked…