The new ICON 1000 Brigand boot
BSA A65 Trackmaster by Bill Bradshaw, resurrected by Dave Schostkewitz of Classic Cycles, New Jersey.

BSA Trackmaster

If there’s a growing trend in custom motorcycles today, it’s towards street trackers: road-legal versions of the flat track bikes that raced in the 1960s and 1970s. With small tanks, wide bars and fat tires, they’re good-looking bikes stripped down to the essentials. Machines like this lovely BSA Trackmaster, resurrected by New Jersey’s Phil Capozzi,…

Trackmaster motorcycle

Triumph Trackmaster by Atom Bomb

Clay Rathburn is one of those annoying ‘renaissance’ types who seem to be good at whatever they turn their hands to. First was a string of traditional Triumph hardtails—including the irresistible Velvet Underground. Then we had the RVA Overland vintage dirt bike, and a Harley Sportster 1200 that was straight out of the 70s. So…

Triumph Bonneville Trackmaster

Triumph Bonneville Trackmaster

When your job description entails riding virtually every new motorcycle made in the last 25 years, your personal collection of motorcycles can run toward the weird and wonderful. We’ve shown several of former Cycle World magazine boss David Edwards’ customs over the past few months, but our new favorite is this British Racing Green Triumph…