Triumph chopper by Robbie Palmer for Born Free Peoples Champ

Enter Sandman: Robbie Palmer’s 1954 Triumph chopper

When we hear the term ‘sand cast,’ we think of very early Honda CB750s and their famous sandpaper-rough engine cases. But it’s not a technique restricted to big factories or large-scale production. This elegant, stripped down Triumph 6T Thunderbird is a showcase for small-scale casting, and earned its builder an invitation to the Biltwell People’s…

Triumph 6T Thunderbird

Triumph 6T Thunderbird salt racer


There’s something strangely compelling about motorcycles built solely to race down the Bonneville salt flats. Stripped of all fripperies, they’re designed to operate in a hostile environment that tests both man and machine. This Triumph 6T was built by Dick Smith of The Baron’s Speed Shop in the UK, and it has that odd beauty…