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Triumph 6T Thunderbird

Triumph 6T Thunderbird salt racer

There’s something strangely compelling about motorcycles built solely to race down the Bonneville salt flats. Stripped of all fripperies, they’re designed to operate in a hostile environment that tests both man and machine. This Triumph 6T was built by Dick Smith of The Baron’s Speed Shop in the UK, and it has that odd beauty…

Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle

1957 Triumph Thunderbird by Atom Bomb

Clay Rathburn of Atom Bomb specializes in low-key customs, the kind that have a charm that grows on you. This is his latest bike, a 1957 Triumph Thunderbird built for Corey Theuerkauf. ‘Corey’s dad Tim started gathering parts to build himself a Triumph twenty years ago,’ says Clay. ‘But he recently passed away unexpectedly. His…

Triumph Thunderbird

1953 Triumph Thunderbird


The other day, a hefty and quite remarkable book arrived in the mail. It’s called Modern Motorcycle Mechanics, and it’s the seventh edition of a guide that first appeared in 1942. If you own a pre-70s bike, be it an Ariel or a BSA or a Norton, you need this manual on your shelf. It’s…