Harley-Davidson Panhead by Walt Siegl

Walt Siegl’s 1952 Panhead: a Modern Antique


A client in France left the door wide open for Walt Siegl when he asked the New Hampshire-based craftsman to build him “a Harley.” Over three years, Siegl turned a 1952 Harley-Davidson Panhead bobber into a masterpiece. While he’s best known for his high-end, Kevlar-clad Italian exotics, Siegl has a fondness for hot rod bikes…

Ducati SBK custom superbike by Walt Siegl

SBK #4: Walt Siegl’s latest Ducati Superbike is his best yet

There’s something lacking in contemporary superbike design. Aside from the odd alluring exception, most modern superbikes look sterile—even if they are lightning fast. Walt Siegl’s made-to-order, Ducati-powered SBK series is the antidote. Each SBK combines modern performance with timeless styling, sprinkled with cherry-picked parts and a healthy dollop of unobtanium. This is the fourth one…