The new ICON Airflite MIPS Demo helmet
Ducati SBK custom superbike by Walt Siegl

SBK #4: Walt Siegl’s latest Ducati Superbike is his best yet

There’s something lacking in contemporary superbike design. Aside from the odd alluring exception, most modern superbikes look sterile—even if they are lightning fast. Walt Siegl’s made-to-order, Ducati-powered SBK series is the antidote. Each SBK combines modern performance with timeless styling, sprinkled with cherry-picked parts and a healthy dollop of unobtanium. This is the fourth one…

PACT: A custom Alta Redshift by Walt Siegl Motorcycles

Volte Face: Walt Siegl goes electric

Walt Siegl builds dream machines. They’re analog fantasies on two wheels: limited edition European thoroughbreds packed with unobtanium components and clothed with impossibly beautiful bodywork. Bucket list material for the discerning petrolhead. But Walt has just done a 180-degree spin, and turned his attention away from the bellowing Italian twins and triples that have made…