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Custom Yamaha TW200 in the 'Suka-Tune' style by Deus Japan

Suka-Tune: A Yamaha TW225 From Deus Japan

The Japanese have a profound love for motorsport and craftsmanship. Linguistic and geographic isolation has fostered unique styles and trends over the years, from the over-the-top Bōsōzoku bikes of the 80s and 90s to the minimalistic brat builds popularized by Go Takamine. But there’s another, lesser-known custom genre that permeated the Land of the Rising…

Two-Wheeled Tonka: Lanesplitter's Yamaha TW200

Two-Wheeled Tonka: Lanesplitter’s Yamaha TW200

For all its farm bike ways, the Yamaha TW200 sure is charming. With a utilitarian build and cartoon tires, it’s the two-wheeled, life-sized equivalent of a Tonka truck. It’s also the perfect base for this playful project—the work of Brisbane’s Lanesplitter Garage. The man behind Lanesplitter is Ben, a self-proclaimed ‘backyard builder’ who holds down…

Fat Tracker: a chunky Yamaha TW200 from South African shop Wolf Moto.

Fat Tracker: Wolf Moto’s chunky Yamaha TW200

Building a decent custom motorcycle can be a daunting task. But when your customer is also an accomplished builder, the pressure is doubled. Wolf Moto got the commission for this Yamaha TW200 from Louis Nel—a talented South African builder based in Nelspruit, whose work we’ve featured before. Louis has a knack for balanced lines and…