Custom Yamaha XSR900 retro superbike

Team Blue: A custom Yamaha XSR900 with retro style


Modern superbikes are complex machines, both inside and out. Not only have their engines and electronics evolved in leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades, but their bodywork has changed radically too. The the aerodynamic packages developed for MotoGP racing are trickling down to street bikes now, so OEM superbikes with wings poking…

Yamaha XSR900 custom by Rough Crafts

Assembly Required: Rough Crafts’ Yamaha XSR900

Some custom builders work to a strict formula, while others have a signature that shines through in the details, regardless of the style of build. Winston Yeh at Rough Crafts in Taiwan falls into the second camp. He’s designed cruisers, cafe racers and street trackers—and even though they all cut different lines, they all clearly…