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A funky, high-steppin' Yamaha XT600 custom from Maria Motorcycles

Dirty Geisha: Maria’s Yamaha XT600

Turning old dualies into retro customs is all the rage lately. We’re not complaining—done right, the results are sharp looking, easy-going bikes. The process comes with challenges: Most thumpers built in the ’80s and ’90s celebrated function over form. They’re delightfully utilitarian, but that means builders have to contend with clumsy bodywork and awkward lines.

Customized Yamaha XT600 motorcycle by Sartorie Meccaniche of Italy

Yamaha XT600 by Sartorie Meccaniche

The venerable Yamaha XT600 is one of those motorcycles that everyone seems to like. After almost two decades of production, this simple but rugged enduro disappeared from the showrooms in 2003—but it’s still readily available on the secondhand market. One of the XT600’s biggest fans is Francesco Torricella, who runs the delightfully named Italian workshop…