The Rumbler: A Triumph Scrambler built for Tridays

Triumph Scrambler: the Rumbler
The Triumph Scrambler must be one of the hardest bikes to customize. Along with Moto Guzzi’s current V7 and the Kawasaki W800, it’s one of the few production machines that have a retro-slash-custom feel right from the start. This hasn’t deterred the Triumph Tridays team though. The Rumbler accentuates the Triumph’s classic good looks, and cranks the performance up a notch.

Triumph Scrambler: the Rumbler
The Tridays is one of the largest motorcycle events in Europe. It’s held every year in the picturesque Austrian town of Neukirchen, and organizer Uli Brée traditionally reveals a one-off custom to celebrate. This year, he’s enlisted two considerable talents: Jochen Schmitz-Linkweiler of LSL, and Jens vom Brauck of JvB-Moto.

Triumph Scrambler: the Rumbler
The Rumbler is designed to compete in the Tridays Rumble: a 400-meter sprint race on grass, open to all. So it’s an unusually practical machine. LSL fitted Öhlins suspension and Pirelli studded tyres to lift the Rumbler higher off the ground than a stock Triumph Scrambler.

Custom triple clamps tweak the steering geometry, and there’s a Magura Supermoto brake system—complete with 4-piston calipers and a radial master cylinder for tremendous stopping power.

Triumph Scrambler: the Rumbler
The distinctive look mostly comes from JvB-Moto parts—including the headlight, fenders, side panels and bench seat. An Arrow high-performance exhaust completes the package.

I don’t know what other machines will be competing in the Rumble, but this Triumph Scrambler will be providing stiff competition. And looking good while doing so.

Tridays Triumph Scrambler: the Rumbler

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