Hammarhead Jack Pine Triumph T100 custom

Triumph T100 Scrambler custom motorcycle
There’s something about this slightly gawky 2008 Triumph T100 Scrambler custom that appeals to me. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but I like it. It’s from Hammarhead Industries, a now-defunct US company that had a mission to create “simple yet modern motorcycles”.

The US$16,500 Jack Pine is a Triumph Scrambler that’s been given a thorough reworking—which includes the removal of the oil cooler, a rear frame loop shortened by four inches, and a reworked seat unit.

Triumph T100 Scrambler custom motorcycle
It’s running Keihin CR carbs and a K&N filter, which meant fabricating compact intake manifolds similar to the old T120. The exhaust is by Specialty Spares; according to James Hammarhead, “It’s still loud but the electric Volta 102 brings the Hammarhead fleet average down to a low level!”

Triumph T100 Scrambler custom motorcycle
The forks have been fitted with Race Tech Gold Valve Emulators, and the rear shocks are clean and narrow steel tracker models from Works Performance. It’s a cool, understated look enhanced by Continental Twinduro tires and matte black paint. The 865 cc engine internals are stock, but the removal of the oil cooler threw me at first.

It’s apparently had no injurious effect: “with richer jetting and new pipes, oil temperatures have not been a problem,” says Hammarhead. “I constructed a custom Spurgin oil cooler for the bike, but while I was waiting for the lines to arrive, my brother encouraged me to throw in a few plugs and light the bike. We ran it with an oil temp gauge and slowly became more confident. For nervous folks (like me) an oil cooler is a no-cost option.”

Photos by Ryan Miller.

Triumph T100 Scrambler custom motorcycle

Jack Pine
Price: $16,500
Concept: James Hammarhead
Assembly: Hammarhead Industries
Base: 2005-08 Triumph Scrambler
Power: 865cc Twin
Build Time: 90 days

Carburetion: Keihin CR
Air filter: Modified K&N
Exhaust: Specialty Spares with MAMotorworks baffle

Front: Race Tech Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators
Rear: Works Performance Steel Trackers
Tires: Continental Twinduro

Painter: James Hammarhead
Color: 50/50 mix Rust-Oleum gloss & flat black

Bars: no name vintage MX
Brake master cylinder: Brembo
Mirror: Joker Machine
Fenders: no name alloy
Pegs: Joker Machine
Taillight: Street Magic
Risers: TAG Metals
Seat: Hammarhead Industries
Sprocket cover: Joker Machine
Speedo: Dakota Digital with cable drive
Switch gear: Emgo & Honda Ruckus
Turn signals: Truck-Lite

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