Yamaha SR250 by Auto Fabrica

Yamaha SR250
The SR400 has been around for a while as a popular custom donor bike, but we shouldn’t overlook its little 250cc brother, which is equally simple in construction and, as demonstrated by the UK’s new-kids-on-the-custom-block Auto Fabrica, it can make a cracking little custom street bike. This is their third build, otherwise known as the Type 3.

Bujar and the guys have quickly established themselves on the UK custom scene with a set of three high quality builds, all of which show the difference between bikes that are ‘designed’ and bikes that are simply built. We’re not suggesting every bike needs rendered artwork before you get the spanners out, but when it’s done right, a pre-planned build does usually come out just that little bit better. It also means the guys get to pay extra attention to all the little details because the overall shape is already taken care of.

Yamaha SR250
Like all builds of this ilk, the work began at the back end with a reworked, chopped and lopped frame to accommodate a brat/tracker style seat, which kicks gently upwards halfway along its length. The pale brown leather gives way to a neat little black V-shape at the back, which seems is a new Auto Fabrica trademark, but it also adds a simple touch of class.

The mounting points for the rear shortie fender and tank were modified to keep fixings hidden away and to run a clean line from the tank to the seat. Sometimes just a few millimeters change of a tank angle or link from one component to another makes a huge difference in the overall look and feel of a build, and the guys at Auto Fabrica excel at taking this into account.

Yamaha SR250
Most builders like to hide the battery, but in the case of this build it’s been eliminated altogether as the SR250 has a kickstart, and it’s an easy bike to boot into life. Saving weight on a 250 is always a great performance mod, plus it removes the problem of where to hide a big ugly plastic box in a tiny frame. Besides, kick starting a bike always makes you look badass and somehow more mechanically skilled, compared to just thumbing a little red button on the bars.

The Type 3’s single pipe has a lobster-back, welded section construction, which looks very bespoke and was the only way to get the neat flowing curve that the guys had put into their design. It also adds texture and avoid choosing between steel, chrome or pipewrap. They also liked the bluing of the metal around the welds.

Yamaha SR250
There are a few nice touches in the leatherwork on this bike too, with hand stitched grips matching neat covers on the kickstart and gear lever, as well as the more obvious seat. Bates-style lighting takes care of the basics at the front and the back of the bike, with no indicators required for this no frills build. The speedo is small, black and unobtrusive and the cabled controls are equally understated.

It’s a clean and simple build, and establishes Auto Fabrica as a name to watch. You can guarantee we’ll be hearing a lot more about these guys.

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