Yamaha XS650 tracker

Yamaha XS650 street tracker by Richard Pollock of Mule Motorcycles
The king of street tracker style in the US is Mule Motorcycles‘ Richard Pollock.

Right now he’s working on a Yamaha for a customer in Vancouver, Canada—and here’s a sneak preview. The project began as a request for a frame, but soon turned into an complete bike build. According to Richard, “It has all my normal frame mods, a Shell 750 kit and cam, valve springs and 34mm Mikuni carbys. The front hub is stock XS650 Yamaha, rear is a special 36-hole Barnes. We used GSX-R forks with stock lower clamp and calipers, then made a special top clamp to accept AFAM DT bars”.

The detailing is exquisite and even at this stage, the bike looks beautifully balanced. We can’t wait to see the finished product. [For more Mule street tracker goodness, check out the monochrome ‘Madonna Bike‘ and the Web Surfer, complete with balsa wood seat base.]

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