The ICON Airmada Scrawl helmet

1969 Benelli 250

Benelli 250The motorcycle in front in this wonderful image is Benelli’s glorious 1969 250cc four racer. It was a remarkably advanced machine for its day, with an eight-speed gearbox and a 16-valve cylinder head that boosted power to 64bhp at 14,500rpm. If that figure is correct—it’s reported in Mick Walker’s seminal —it equates to a staggering 250bhp per liter.

This lovely bike has the number 2 roundel associated with Australian rider Kel Carruthers, who won the 250cc Grand Prix Road Race World Championship in Europe. The motorcycle behind the 250 appears to be a 2005 Tornado Tre LE, and it looks like this shot was part of a marketing campaign for the Tre. Only 150 editions of this model were produced, for WSB homologation.

  • wow, that’s beatifull! a great comparison shot to boot.

  • Stunning.

  • John Gall

    Great pic! I think those older style fairings are much nicer looking than the “modern” ones. Wonder why no one made one for road use by just making it a bit wider? It would be a “must have” on any road bike of mine. . .

  • bellisima moto, me quedo con las dos