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AJS 7R racing motorcycle

AJS 7R "Boy Racer"How good was this beautiful little racer built by Associated Motor Cycles? Very good indeed: It was in production and winning trophies from 1948 to 1963. Known as the “Boy Racer”, the 7R won three successive Junior Isle of Man TT races, from 1961 to 63. It was powered (occasionally underpowered, if truth be known) by a 350cc four stroke single, and designed to combat the all-conquering multi-cylinder Italian motorcycles. Which it did, very effectively, in the hands of racers like Ted Havens.

  • Phoebe


  • Bill Ferry

    Your ‘studio’ photo’s are lovely.
    In my view this bike, post 1959, is THE most beautiful motorcycle ever released to the buying public.. the isn’t a bad line anywhere on it. It was improved thro’ the 1950’s by a genius at the factory (Jack Williams.. father of Peter) with little budget to work with. And they worked too, they were the backbone of racing in their class for years..
    Now, please can we have an equally stunning photo of it’s sister model.. the Matchless G50.. and one of Fred Walmsleys bikes will do just fine..
    When the lottery comes.. just you see.. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Best regards