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Amir Glinik’s Ferrari Motorcycle

Ferrari MotorcycleThere’s been a ‘Ferrari motorcycle’ before, but the story was only moderately interesting. This, however, is in another league: it’s the brainchild of a ridiculously talented 3D computer designer called Amir Glinik. And it’s just perfect.

Ferrari Motorcycle
Unfortunately, it seems that Ferrari S.p.A. didn’t see it that way. The images have disappeared from Glinik’s web page, replaced by a disclaimer: This project has not been authorized neither sponsored by Ferrari and any past use of the trademark was not authorized and for this reason was stopped. Please accept my apologies.

If you want to see more images of the Ferrari motorcycle, just do this Google search.

Ferrari Motorcycle
Ferrari Motorcycle
Ferrari Motorcycle

  • Dan

    On this one I have to disagree: that is hideous! I’ve always been baffled by how much coverage this thing has attracted.

  • themark

    I agree. It’s awful, and I’m not surprised Ferrari pulled the plug on it. Just another example of CG blindness. The renderings are so slick, you’re blinded to fact the design isn’t really very good. It’s a blob with a logo on it.

  • I agree with Dan’s previous comment. This thing is awful, it looks like it just melted!

  • stewart robinson

    Stunning, superb, visionary, we need more designers like him!

  • scopkins

    The way I see it this is an OK design exercise…

    But it’s certainly no Ferrari. It needs some character lines, some muscularity, some athletic lightness, a nosejob and a little more engine cleavage.

  • Boat

    Akira anyone?