James McBride

James McBride is the editor of Silodrome, the website devoted to Gasoline Culture. With a father who was a mechanic and an off-road enthusiast, James was exposed to cars, trucks, 4x4s and motorcycles from a very early age.

Fossil fuelled machines still take up most of his leisure time: and when he says “most of,” he really means “all of.” James currently lives in Hong Kong and rides a red Honda GB250 cafe racer.

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  • Suzuki GN400 custom

    Suzuki GN400 custom

  • James McBride Custom Motorcycles ,,

    This 1981 Suzuki GN400 is one of those increasingly rare custom motorcycles that was built for under $1,000—without actually looking like it was built for under $1,000. The donor bike was an old GN400 thumper that old friends Chris Errecart and Adam Bendig found on… Read more »

  • Vintage Motorcycle Jackets

    Vintage Motorcycle Jackets

  • James McBride Motorcycle Gear

    Three months ago, Chris and I put our heads together and created the first in this series of Silodrome Selections. The subject we chose was motorcycle jackets and it featured the likes of Icon and Roland Sands. The feature was immensely popular, and as we… Read more »

  • Motorcycle Armor

    Motorcycle Armor

  • James McBride Motorcycle Gear

    The exoskeletons enjoyed by insects and crustaceans have a big advantage over our endoskeletons. In the event of an impact, they distribute force over a greater surface area and reduce the damage sustained in any one location. If that sounds like the sort of thing… Read more »

  • Motorcycle Backpacks

    Motorcycle Backpacks

  • James McBride Motorcycle Gear

    Motorcycles have an almost spiritual allure. When you’re in the saddle hammering down the tarmac, the world and all its worries disappear in the rear vision mirror. But this freedom comes at a price, and one of the largest inconveniences is the lack of a… Read more »

  • Motorcycle Gloves

    Motorcycle Gloves

  • James McBride Motorcycle Gear

    I’ve often heard it said that when a person comes off a motorcycle, the first part of their body to hit the ground is a knee, followed by the hands. Putting our hands out is a natural defence mechanism we’ve all been using since childhood—but… Read more »

  • Textile Motorcycle Jackets

    Textile Motorcycle Jackets

  • James McBride Motorcycle Gear

    There are many upsides to living in warmer climates. You get the sunshine, the barbecues and 365 days of riding weather each year. But there’s a downside to this toasty hedonism: it’s often too hot to wear full protective gear. Many people ride in a… Read more »

  • Motorcycle Jeans

    Motorcycle Jeans

  • James McBride Motorcycle Gear

    Wearing standard jeans on a motorcycle often sounds like an excellent idea to new riders: Denim is generally seen as being a hard-wearing fabric that can handle almost anything we throw at it. But most riders don’t realise that coming off a bike at 60mph… Read more »

  • Full face helmets

    Full face helmets

  • James McBride Motorcycle Gear

    If you ride a motorcycle, you’ll know there’s discord between full-face and open-face advocates. Proponents of full-face lids disavow anything that doesn’t provide complete protection, and often quote studies like the 1981 Hurt Report—which suggested that 34% of motorcycle accidents involve an impact in the… Read more »

  • Motorcycle Boots

    Motorcycle Boots

  • James McBride Motorcycle Gear

    Not too many months ago, a friend of mine went into a corner carrying far too much speed on his 796 Monster. He hit a square kerb toes-forward, while wearing nothing but a pair of running shoes. It wasn’t pretty. He snapped four of his… Read more »

  • Motorcycle Jackets

    Motorcycle Jackets

  • James McBride Motorcycle Gear

    The gear you choose to wear whilst riding says a lot about you. Our squidly counterparts on GSX-Rs will invariably cloak themselves in patently absurd Power Ranger suits bearing countless corporate logos, splashes of fluorescent color not seen since the mid-1980s, and large knee sliders… Read more »