Bimota DB3 Mantra

Over the last three decades, Bimota has consistently produced the most outrageously styled motorcycles of any contemporary manufacturer. The DB3 Mantra was the Rimini company’s attempt at a ‘naked bike’, and was styled by Frenchman Sacha Lakic. It was built in two versions—the first in 1995 and the second in 1997—with only minor details changed, such as the fairing, exhaust system and headlight. This particular machine was built in 1997, and is one of just 28 bikes finished in red. Most of the 454 Mantras built were finished in yellow and gray, and all Mantras featured the V-twin Ducati Monster M900 engine. It’s a light bike at only 173kg (381lbs) dry, and the 86bhp motor propelled it to 200kph (125mph). Today, the styling seems no less oddball—but can you see shades of the new Ducati Diavel in there?

Images courtesy of Phil Aynsley.


  • joe momma

    …is this the twilight zone??…..a bike with mirrors, fenders, brakes and lights and no swooning…..???

  • Kerry

    I just hate this bike. Looks like something Boyd Coddington would do.

  • Guest

    There is a definite family resemblance between the Mantra and Diavel.

  • RLevinson

    Bimota is an interesting company; sort of an incorporated cafe racer concept, mix together the right pre-existing frame and engine, build a great bike. They’re not too particular about brand either, just whether it’s a hot Suzuki or Ducati motor doesn’t matter much.

    How’s this for some headlight theme evolution?×570.jpg

  • Crazyuncle

    I always thought the yellow one looked like something Aquaman would ride around when he was on land.

  • BoxerFanatic

    For the two days that the comments were down, I started to wonder if this was just a case of nobody having anything good to say, so not saying anything.

    Until I noticed that the comments weren’t working well.

    The design of this vacuum-cleaner, er, I mean bike… is not pleasant to my eye, but perhaps to someone. Not my cup of tea, so to speak, at all.

    • joe momma

      …..yeah mon……me too….that’s why comment of me going first……they used to say my fridgerator is very efficient, works well…..still don’t want to go downtown on it……??….maybe i’m being too hard on them…..i have to talk to a jillion guys when i go downtown on a flathead……might be worse (weird/ly/er/est) with dis one…..

  • Mingh

    I like it, one of the most original and impressive production bikes from that time. Lot’s of creative and wild ideas. Awesome sound too.

  • GastonR
  • Bullardpeter

    Yuk. Looked awful in ’95 and looks every bit as awful now.

  • Stokes

    I’m a Fish!

  • Matt Dorry

    Should’ve featured there Tesi 3D.

  • BoxerFanatic

    To do a ‘naked’ bike, couldn’t they have just taken the fairing off of the DB4, and put a Ducati monster headlight on…

  • This bike is a shame for most of us french people, and the walnut dashboard is far more than what I can support…

    How can the same guy have designed this abhorrence, and the beautiful Voxan Black Magic?!
    That’s a mistery for me…