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Moto Guzzi bobber motorcycle

Bobber motorcycle
This vintage-themed Moto Guzzi looks like an 850T to me. And unlike most Guzzi customs, it’s not a café racer—it’s a bobber motorcycle. This bike appeared briefly on a German website—which now appears to have gone under—and little information was forthcoming from the owner, apart from these images.

At the very least, this machine has been given a custom-made tank and seat, vintage-style Firestone tires, a fatter exhaust system and a bobbed front fender. The bars appear to have a burnished copper finish—with matching fork uppers—plus built-in flashers and what appear to be wooden grips. I doubt that the air-cooled V-twin motor has been tuned, but with around 60 hp on tap from 844cc, performance should be more than enough. If you know anything more about this lovely bobber motorcycle, please drop us a line in the comments.

Bobber motorcycle
Bobber motorcycle

  • caferacer

    Incredible work, and what a great choice for a bobber. My jury is still out on all the steampunk materials and finishes being thrown around (cast iron grips! wood heads! copper tires!), but to paraphrase Justice Stewart — I know it when it works. Here it works. Dig the instruments in the tank. Jules Verne would love to throw a leg over this honey.

    BTW, what is the sudden obsession with heat wrap? It’s becoming the skinnyjeans or epic beard of the moto world. The stuff is a major distraction, and I’m beginning to hate it almost as much as ceiling fans and vertical blinds.

  • Derek Larsen

    Longitudinally mounted V-twins > Laterally mounted V-Twins.

    The only thing that seems steampunkish is the color scheme. other than that, it just seems pretty basic. well built, but simple, like it could roll up next to a bunch of Indians and Harleys parked out by the Drive-In and blend right in.

  • johnly

    good selection chris..

  • Steven Green

    It’ll be a nice bike when it’s finished… :-D

  • D

    >>It’s becoming the skinnyjeans or epic beard of the moto world.


  • Griso

    Very nice, but the headlight looks a bit too small.

  • kim scholer

    Caferacer; Heatwrap is a lot cheaper than replacing rusted pipes, which is why I have it on my bike. Agree on the vertical blinds, though.

  • phil

    Those silencers are the modern equivalent of what we called ‘Goldies’ ( or tulip end muffler to give them their real name ) – i had a pair on my T# back in..oooh..84 ? sound the bollocks tho’

  • rexhavoc

    Very creative. Love the use of unusual materials.

  • Steve Feidt

    Very nice. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I could do something like that with a 2000 Bassa. I’m really getting sick of all the plastic body parts falling off. Thought maybe going the bobber route would be the most economical way of keeping the bike.

  • Uli Cloesen

    I love it, it looks great
    I’d be interested to include it into a book.