• Gianmarco Magnani

    Gianmarco Magnani

  • Chris Hunter Artists ,

    Peruvian artist Gianmarco Magnani has just released a series of prints featuring vintage motorcycles, and they’re knockouts—a mix of retro motorcycle manual illustration, cutting-edge typography and inspired line drawings. (A key influence is Katsuhiro Ôtomo’s sketches of Kaneda’s motorcycle from the movie Akira). Magnani prints… Read more »

  • The Golden Motorcycle

    The Golden Motorcycle

  • Scott Artists

    By guest writer Scott of Pipeburn. Firstly, Merry Christmas! I guess you’re wondering why a painting is being featured on Bike EXIF, and what the link to Christmas is. The painting is by Reg Mombassa and it’s called ‘Australian Jesus and the Golden Motorcycle’. Mombassa… Read more »

  • Felix Götze rocking horse

    Felix Götze rocking horse

  • Chris Hunter ArtistsCustom Motorcycles ,

    A little bit of fun for the weekend: German designer Felix Götze has created this rocking horse from old motorcycle parts. Apparently it’s for a little lad called Otto Komei, who is fascinated by the choppers coming out of the workshop opposite his house. Götze… Read more »

  • Death Spray Custom

    Death Spray Custom

  • Chris Hunter ArtistsCustom Motorcycles ,,

    We first noticed David Gwyther of Death Spray Custom a year or so ago, when he was painting motorcycle helmets and skateboards better than anyone else. The London-based artist is now aiming for the big time, with a raft of cool collaborations to his name—including… Read more »

  • Fine Art Models

    Fine Art Models

  • Chris Hunter Artists ,,

    This is not a real MV Agusta 750S: it’s an all-metal, 1:5 scale model. The brakes, suspension, and carburetor linkage are working recreations of the real thing. It’s from a small outfit called Fine Art Models—based in Royal Oak, Michigan—which sells its pieces to collectors… Read more »

  • Cay Brøndum: Harley Lamp

    Cay Brøndum: Harley Lamp

  • Chris Hunter ArtistsCustom Motorcycles ,,,

    The world is full of tacky motorcycle-themed nick-nacks, but this surreal lamp sculpture appeals to our sense of humor. The designer is Cay Brøndum, a Danish artist and occasional Wrenchmonkees collaborator. It’s the front end of a Harley-Davidson, and could grace the living room of… Read more »

  • Pere Tarragó

    Pere Tarragó

  • Chris Hunter ArtistsClassic Motorcycles ,,

    In the small Spanish town of Molins de Rei lives Pere Tarragó, who builds 1:5 and 1:6 scale models of classic motorcycles. He uses steel, aluminum, brass and napa leather, and works with miniaturized tools of his own creation. After taking photographs, making drawings and… Read more »

  • Steve Dunn

    Steve Dunn

  • Chris Hunter ArtistsClassic Motorcycles ,

    The English artist Steve Dunn is making a name for himself via commissions from international clients such as the Vintage Motorcycle Club. Dunn’s technique and sombre backgrounds work best with the simpler lines of older motorbikes, such as the 1962 Manx Norton shown above. We… Read more »

  • NE Apartments, Tokyo

    NE Apartments, Tokyo

  • Chris Hunter Artists

    In advertising, it’s called a Unique Selling Proposition: this Toyko apartment block is expressly designed for motorcycle owners. Each unit has a built-in garage, and the block is in a U-shaped design. Residents ride their bikes down a communal driveway into the center of the… Read more »

  • Conrad Leach

    Conrad Leach

  • Chris Hunter Artists

    London-based painter and flat-track fan Conrad Leach uses acrylic paint to create a very distinctive, high impact look. His large-format canvases often focus on classic motorbikes—and he’s now offering limited edition works for sale, including Giclée prints of images commissioned for the 2008 Legend of… Read more »

  • Paper Craft Yamaha SR400

    Paper Craft Yamaha SR400

  • Chris Hunter Artists ,

    We’ve always had a soft spot for the Yamaha SR400: thirty years old and still going strong. So we love this origami scale model of the world’s most popular ‘big single’. It was created by paper craft artist Nobutaka Mukouyama, and PDF plans are available… Read more »

  • 2006 Chicara Art 1 Classic

    2006 Chicara Art 1 Classic

  • Chris Hunter ArtistsConcept Motorcycles ,,

    The Japanese artist Chicara Nagata won the Grand Prize in the 2006 World Championship of Custom Bike Building. His latest bikes are now on display at the Ippodo Gallery in New York; each is created from almost 500 parts, and takes 7,500 hours to complete.… Read more »