Classic Motorcycles

  • 50 Not Out: Cafe Racer Dreams’ BMW R69S

    50 Not Out: Cafe Racer Dreams’ BMW R69S

  • Wesley Reyneke Classic Motorcycles ,,

    Cafe Racer Dreams is one of the most prolific outfits on the custom motorcycle circuit. An incredible fifty builds have already rolled out the Spanish workshop’s doors—each one as stylish as the next. For CRD #50, Pedro García and Efraon Triana pulled out all the… Read more »

  • South African BMW experts Cytech, and pairs a 1964 BMW R69S with a 50s-model Steib sidecar.

    A BMW R69S with a bit on the side

  • Chris Chappell's meticulously restored Royal Enfield Bullet 350.

    Enfield 350: the bike that time forgot

  • Wesley Reyneke Classic Motorcycles ,,

    For most pro builders, personal projects usually draw the short straw—relegated to the back of the shop by a steady stream of client work. Just like the “rusted out junk pile” that Californian Chris Chappell picked up a few years ago. It’s a Royal Enfield… Read more »

  • Dan Mantyla’s Honda CL

    Dan Mantyla’s Honda CL

  • Chris Hunter Classic Motorcycles ,,

    After acquiring a 1974 Honda CL 200, unspoiled yet barely running, Dan Mantyla was faced with a decision: restore or customize? Dan is a guy who understands the connection between art and engineering. He’s a shed-builder by night and a web developer by day. “I… Read more »

  • Helrich Customs Triumph Tiger

    Helrich Customs Triumph Tiger

  • Wesley Reyneke Classic Motorcycles ,,

    In a sea of customized Triumph neo-classics, it’s refreshing to see a neat, vintage example emerge now and then. Especially when it’s been rebuilt by a shop whose signature look we’ve previously referred to as “retro streetfighter.” This Triumph Tiger is the work of the… Read more »

  • Norton 850 Commando by Federal Moto

    Norton 850 Commando by Federal Moto

  • Chris Hunter Classic Motorcycles ,,

    There’s a new name to look out for on the custom scene: Federal Moto. It’s a startup workshop from Canada, and this remarkable Norton 850 Commando resto-mod is the company’s first build. The guys behind Federal are friends Shaun Brandt, Randy Venhuis, and Justin Benson.… Read more »

  • The new 2014 BMW R90S

    The new 2014 BMW R90S

  • Wesley Reyneke Classic Motorcycles ,,

    There’s no denying that BMW’s classic R-series models are enjoying the limelight at the moment. While they’re a popular choice as donors for custom projects, many are also left in original condition or restored to period-correct perfection. Thankfully for Airhead owners, BMW Group Classic has… Read more »

  • Suzuki Stinger by Air-Tech

    Suzuki Stinger by Air-Tech

  • Wesley Reyneke Classic Motorcycles ,,

    You’ve probably admired Kent Riches’ work before without knowing it. That’s because his company, Air-Tech Streamlining, has been producing high quality bodywork since the ’80s—for everyone from garage builders to factory race teams. Kent is a prolific racer himself—with fourteen world records to his name—and… Read more »

  • Norton 850 Commando Hi-Rider

    Norton 850 Commando Hi-Rider

  • Chris Hunter Classic Motorcycles ,,

    Every manufacturer has a skeleton in its closet, and in Norton’s case, it’s the Hi-Rider. Arguably the first factory-produced custom, it looked like powered version of children’s bicycles such as the Schwinn Sting-Ray and Raleigh Chopper. Which themselves were parodies of choppers with banana seats… Read more »

  • Laverda SF2 resto-mod

    Laverda SF2 resto-mod

  • Shaik Ridzwan Classic Motorcycles ,,

    Ah, Laverda. The great, lost name of motorcycling. KTM now has a mortgage on vibrant orange motorcycles, but in the 70s the color was synonymous with the Breganze factory in northern Italy. Few builders get the chance to work on Laverdas these days, but Takashi… Read more »

  • 1972 BMW R75/5: a ‘Traditional Custom’

    1972 BMW R75/5: a ‘Traditional Custom’

  • Shaik Ridzwan Classic Motorcycles ,,

    There’s something magical about a classic 70s BMW airhead: Slightly oddball lines, that remarkable engine, and the promise of fine German engineering. An off-kilter charm, if you like. This BMW R75/5, however, is not quite what it seems. It’s a subtly modified 1972 model that… Read more »

  • Honda CB450 K0 ‘Runcible Racer’

    Honda CB450 K0 ‘Runcible Racer’

  • Chris Hunter Classic Motorcycles ,,

    The Honda CB450 K0 has a very secure place in motorcycling history books. Nicknamed the ‘Black Bomber’ on account of the Ford Model T-style paint choice, it was the first volume-produced motorcycle powered by a DOHC engine. And it still looks good today. Australian Cliff… Read more »

  • BMW R65 + surfboard

    BMW R65 + surfboard

  • Chris Hunter Classic Motorcycles ,,

    A bike has to be pretty special to stand out at the annual Wheels & Waves festival in Biarritz: it’s the motorcycling equivalent of a beach full of French supermodels. But this lovely 1979 BMW R65 with a surfboard rack stopped passers-by in their tracks… Read more »

  • Triton by Made In Metal

    Triton by Made In Metal

  • Brough Superior Pendine

    Brough Superior Pendine

  • Chris Hunter Classic Motorcycles ,,

    Pendine Sands is one of the most evocative names in the annals of British motorcycle history. In the 1920s the seven-mile (11 km) beach on the south coast of Wales hosted the Welsh TT races and no less than five successful land speed record attempts.… Read more »