• Interview: Justin Kell of Glory Los Angeles

    Interview: Justin Kell of Glory Los Angeles

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    Justin Kell runs Glory Sales and Service in LA. It’s the kind of store many of us would probably love to own, with a strange mixture of 1950s home furnishings and vintage British and American motorcycles. On any given day you can buy a 1960s… Read more »

  • Interview: David Edwards

    Interview: David Edwards

  • Chris Hunter Interviews

    For a quarter of a century, David Edwards wrote for and edited Cycle World magazine. But now he puts his remarkable knowledge of the motorcycling world to work for the Bonhams auction house. David is on the right in the shot above: the fellow in… Read more »

  • Interview: Paul d’Orléans

    Interview: Paul d’Orléans

  • Chris Hunter Interviews

    This is the first in a series of new features: the Bike EXIF Interview. I’ll be speaking to some of the more interesting people from the motorcycling world, finding out what makes familiar and not-so-familiar names tick. First up is Bonhams consultant Paul d’Orléans, best… Read more »