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  • West America’s adventure motorcycles

    West America’s adventure motorcycles

  • Wesley Reyneke Motorcycle VacationsSpecial Features

    With all the marketing hype around ‘adventure riding’ these days, many motorcyclists won’t dare go off the beaten track without a large capacity dual-sport, an array of aftermarket parts and a support vehicle. It’s easy to forget that there was a time when this wasn’t… Read more »

  • The Dumb Way Round

    The Dumb Way Round

  • Chris Hunter Motorcycle Vacations ,

    Norwegians have always had the travel bug. After all, they discovered Iceland in the 9th century and, as Vikings, spent a good amount of time raiding the British Isles. Upholding this fine tradition over a thousand years later are Tormod Amlien and Klaus Ulvestad: as… Read more »

  • The Other End of The Road

    The Other End of The Road

  • Chris Hunter Classic MotorcyclesMotorcycle Vacations ,,

    One of the top European Harley specialists is W&W Cycles, based in the old Michelin warehouse in W├╝rzburg, Germany. These Bavarians have a real sense of adventure, and decided to ride a 1948 Panhead and a customized 2005-model Shovel up the ice road to Tuktoyaktuk,… Read more »

  • Postie Bike Challenge

    Postie Bike Challenge

  • Chris Hunter Motorcycle VacationsPhotographersRacing Motorcycles

    The Honda CT110 is a diminutive 105cc, air-cooled, single cylinder motorcycle. It’s used in Australia for postal deliveries, and renowned for its toughness. It’s also the selected transport for a bizarre 2,000 mile race across the outback, the Postie Bike Challenge. The eighth annual race… Read more »

  • Iron Horse Hotel

    Iron Horse Hotel

  • Chris Hunter Motorcycle Vacations ,

    In Milwaukee, just over the bridge from the Harley-Davidson Museum, a 100-year-old downtown warehouse has been transformed into a luxury hotel. The Iron Horse Hotel is designed for motorcycle enthusiasts, with secure covered parking, bike washing facilities, and check-in carts for transporting the contents of… Read more »