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  • How can you not love a motorcycle brand called Speedy Working Motors? It might sound like a slogan on a Japanese t-shirt, but SWM is actually an Italian marque with a solid history going back to 1971.

    The return of Speedy Working Motors

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    How can you not love a motorcycle brand called Speedy Working Motors? It might sound like a slogan on a Japanese t-shirt, but SWM is actually an Italian marque with a solid history going back to 1971. SWM went bust in 1984, but the company… Read more »

  • The Magni Filo Rossi: a classic GP replica racer powered by an MV Agusta Brutale 800 engine.

    Filo Rosso: A Magni racer for the road

  • The Ronin 47—the ultimate Buell custom motorcycle.

    The Ronin 47: If Batman rode a Buell 1125

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    If you felt cheated when the Buell 1125 went out of production in 2010, you’re in luck. You can now buy a factory-fresh superbike based on the 1125—and it looks like a machine straight out of The Dark Knight. The Buell 1125 cost $11,695 a… Read more »

  • The $185,000 Midual Type 1

    The $185,000 Midual Type 1

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    The problem with most exotic motorcycles is that they are too damn fast. We drool over equipment from the likes of NCR and Vyrus—but unless you spend your spare time testing for a MotoGP team, their performance is mostly academic. Carmakers have got this sussed… Read more »

  • Super Motor Company Lucky Punk

    Super Motor Company Lucky Punk

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    We hear a lot about the rise of the Chinese-built motorcycle, and how it’s going to change the industry in the western world. Well, this is the story of a westerner trying to beat the Chinese at their own game. And yes, it’s messy. The… Read more »

  • The new Hesketh motorcycle

    The new Hesketh motorcycle

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    Received wisdom says that starting up a new restaurant carries more risk than any other type of business venture: Apparently some 60% of eateries close within five years. But I suspect that received wisdom is wrong. I reckon it’s even more difficult to launch a… Read more »

  • Paton S1 Strada

    Paton S1 Strada

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    Gentlemen, place your orders. If you love the style of classic racebikes, but don’t like the thought of tricky maintenance, take a look at the new Paton S1 Strada. It’s a seductive mix of vintage style and modern technology, and best of all, it’s road… Read more »

  • Brough Superior: the ‘new’ SS100

    Brough Superior: the ‘new’ SS100

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    So here is the new Brough Superior — the first all-new bike from the famous marque in seven decades. The rights to the brand name are now owned by the Austrian-based businessman Mark Upham, who’s been teasing us for the past three years with beautiful… Read more »

  • ZPsport 449 enduro

    ZPsport 449 enduro

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    The small German town of Zschopau is famous for its motorcycling heritage. It was home to DKW and MZ, marques whose luminosity has dimmed in recent decades. But there’s now a chance that Zschopau could return to its motorcycling glory days. This is a prototype… Read more »

  • 1988 BMW K1

    1988 BMW K1

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    When I hit my twenties, the BMW K1 was impossibly glamorous. It was the poster bike for motorcycling. As a casual observer, I didn’t realise it was BMW’s attempt to appeal to younger riders, seduced by Japanese sportsbikes such as the Suzuki GSX-R1100. And I… Read more »

  • Horex VR6 Roadster

    Horex VR6 Roadster

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    If you’re a regular here, you’ll know that we rarely feature production motorcycles. But this new bike is more interesting than most. It’s the return of the venerable German marque Horex (est. 1920) with a VR6-powered Roadster due to start production in a few weeks’… Read more »

  • Zaeta 530 DT

    Zaeta 530 DT

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    One of the most exciting limited production bikes is the Zaeta 530 DT from Italy. So far, it’s been confined to the dirt track—but it will soon be available in road-legal scrambler and café racer configurations. Powered by a DOHC single built by TM, the… Read more »

  • Confederate Hellcat X132

    Confederate Hellcat X132

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    Confederate has never been shy of making big claims. This is the Alabama company’s latest model, and it comes with a mission statement: “With the X132 Hellcat, we set out to build the toughest motorcycle ever made”. Confederate makes a big play of the Hellcat’s… Read more »

  • Ural M70

    Ural M70

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    Most motorcycle manufacturers strive for progress. And in doing so, progressively remove the connection between the rider and the machine. One hand gives with more power, while the other hand takes away—with electronics to control that power. But Ural motorcycles have always chosen the tried… Read more »

  • Derringer Cycles

    Derringer Cycles

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    Derringer Cycles has come a long way since we last featured the company two years ago. The Los Angeles outfit now has a mouthwatering array of custom-built machines on its website. It’s a throwback to the aesthetics of 1920s boardtrack racers, right down to the… Read more »