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Honda CB450 K1

1968 Honda CB450 K1
In the days before the horsepower race, the Honda CB450 was one of the most desirable bikes you could buy. You had the choice of charismatic, cantankerous British iron, which would invariably mark its territory with a little puddle of oil, heavyweight American cruisers, or the jewel-like build quality and supreme reliability of a Honda. This 1968 CB450 is one of the 6,000-or-so early K1 models, with a simple ‘450’ badge on the side panels, beneath a textured black vinyl seat with delicate white piping. The fuel tank was different to the ‘Black Bomber’ K0 models introduced in 1965, and the K1 was an altogether more attractive and contemporary-looking model. The example featured here was restored by the talented Jean-Claude Barrois, a welder by profession and friend of the Southsiders collective; Barrois has subtly modified this CB450 to add a sportier touch, creating new rearsets and fitting a redesigned exhaust. (The bike has now been sold, and the new owner plans to add a period-correct Avon fairing.) The excellent photography, by the way, is from Guerry & Prat Images, a new studio that is shaping up to become one of Europe’s leading motorcycle photography specialists. [With thanks to Vincent Prat.]

1968 Honda CB450 K1
1968 Honda CB450 K1
1968 Honda CB450 K1
1968 Honda CB450 K1
1968 Honda CB450 K1

  • Chrome in only the right places and the lighting makes sure you know it.

  • Josh Hofhine

    What a beauty!

  • wow, perfect!

  • ‘Lovely’ is the word that popped into my head when I saw this. ‘Just lovely’.

  • bogdan

    so Patrick was right :)

  • Emmet

    interesting sprocket cover!

  • YJH


  • chopsnyc

    In this case, CB does NOT translate into “certainly bland”

  • Man does that bring back memories ….. WOW!

  • Beautiful restoration….. great attention to detail. Bravo Jean Claude, this motivates me to start restoration on my 1972 Honda 350 four.

  • Love the sprocket cover!

  • splendorous!

  • mingh

    there’s a blue one for sale in belgium. 3000€ asking price.

    just so you know.

  • John

    Attention to detail?? you have got to be kidding! a good photographer and some photo shop has helped.
    The style and proportions are great. but details are average and rushed.

  • Kozzy


  • Yes in this current scenario where parts are hard to come by i would say he has paid attention to detail and done a darn good job rebuilding it. A good job that is worth appreciating. Sure the guy behind the camera is good and photo shop might have helped but it is still a well rebuilt bike period.

  • Swagger

    details average and rushed?

    John….I am so honored to have read your words, you must be the grand poobah of custom motorcycles! Please please PLEASE grace us with one of YOUR astounding creations so that all us little folk can benefit from the outpouring of awesome that you would most definitely bring to the table..


    No……………….really, put up or shut up John.

  • Swagger

    BikeEFIX: loving these longer posts, the pics are great! I hope more people submit extra pics to you so we can all enjoy them! Thanks for the great site.

  • PatrickVA

    That is beautiful. Nice work, gorgeous photography – thanks Bike EXIF. Is there a way to get high res versions of these shots?

    And John, you’re a tool.

  • Emmet

    what I like about this bike is that it’s a resto-mod. I’ve seen too many cafe racers to the point that it’s unoriginal. It retains the classic styling with modern updates that make it unique

  • AJ

    On the photography/lighting side of things, I would have liked to see a little more highlights on the tires or conversely a slightly lighter background. The tires seem to be getting a little lost in the wall behind…

  • Lawrence

    Very nice ride …

    However, it looks like an early K0 with a later K1 tank and front fender. It works though.

    I always wanted to build this very bike .. I used to have a really nice K0 .. but life intervened.

    I actually like the “pregnant guppy” fuel tank from that fist year CB450.

    The updates to the bike look great …

    I wonder if he have used the later 5 speed motor rather than the early version’s 4 speed?

  • A real object of desire. Great photos. Can’t wait for the Guerry & Prat Images website to be up and running.

  • demarco

    Never did I look at the old Hondas like I do now, and this person kept it stock in many ways but touched it with a special look, this is great, I always liked the pipes to be on just one side.

  • Buzz

    Wow, I mean, just Wow.

  • Alex

    I absolutely LOVE this bike! One question though – what is that knob in between the tank and the handlebars?

  • @ Alex : it appears to be a steering damper knob. This was used to adjust the play in the steering head.

  • complimenti anche la mia vorrei fare cosi..!!!!!!!!!!!!
    forza sampdoria!!!!!

  • Ed Sales

    What kind of Exhaust is that? Been trying to find one like it, the 2-1 design that comes together in the middle, and comes up slowly from the right side and up, not stuck out, but tucked in. Love that exhaust.