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Goldammer Nortorious

Nortorious cafe racer by Roger Goldammer
Roger Goldammer has created some pretty wild custom motorcycles over the years, but to our eyes, his 2007 ‘Nortorious’ is the best of the lot. It’s a modern take on a Norton Manx cafe racer, with a featherbed-styled frame housing one half of a Harley V-twin. That single cylinder is a substantial 965cc though, and force-fed by a Rotex supercharger running 20 pounds of boost. The oversized headlight, slanted back in the modern style, is actually from a VW Beetle—and the drum on the front wheel is hiding four-piston disc brakes. The finish is up to Goldammer’s usual extraordinary standard, but there’s little paint on this bike: most of the bodywork is clear coat over bare metal. Delicious. [Image by Randall Cordero.]

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  • JR

    Pretty much exactly the bike I wish a big manufacturer would build and sell to me.


  • monkeyfumi

    While I don’t doubt the skill involved in building this, to me it looks like a caractiture of a cafe racer.
    Also assuming it’s not kickstart…

  • themark

    I too see only a cartoon bike with oversize wheels and a huge light. I’m sure it’s wonderfully finished, but the concept leaves me cold. Perhaps if it had a bullet fairing…

  • Andrew

    Jesus Christ that is beautiful

  • Looks like a nice ‘Wheelie Machine’ when you look at the foot pegs set halfway down the swingarm!!
    Give me disk brake front ends for a bit more confidence on the track. I don’t mind if you put covers over them to look like Drum Brakes..


  • GAZ

    I agree with both sides here; it IS a caricature, but so is Jessica Rabbit and SHE’S pretty hot. Put me down in the “yummy” column.

  • Graeme

    JR, it’s not a million miles away from what Mac Motorcycles are planning to do.

    I wonder if we can convince them to fit blowers…

  • bogdan

    well Mick read the article and you’ll find out that there is a disk brake in front
    “and the drum on the front wheel is hiding four-piston disc brake”


  • Madhat

    I want, I want, I want.