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Harley V-Rod sidecar by Mobec

Harley-Davidson V-Rod sidecar concept by Mobec
It’s time we featured a sidecar again and this one from southern Germany is certainly an oddity. It’s a design study from the Uhingen-based sidecar specialist Mobec, based on the Harley-Davidson V-Rod.

The body of the 3-Rod is crafted from carbon fiber composite, and underneath is Mobec’s proprietary ‘Duodrive’ two-wheel-drive system, complete with reverse gear. Forged BBS 17″ alloy wheels are shod with 205/40 ZR17 tires, and gear shifting is electric—with a foot-operated clutch. And although that carbon fiber bodywork is no doubt light, it’s raised by a hydroelectric system for even easier access to the passenger seat. [Via the Japanese three-wheeler blog JDRA.]