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Honda CB750 Police

Honda CB750 Police motorcycle
Just when you thought you’d seen every possible version of Honda’s iconic CB750, here’s another: the super-rare CB750P/K0 Police model. The exquisite bike shown here is a 1970 example owned by a collector in Japan, and it’s a delicate antidote to the overblown style of its Harley-Davidson and Moto Guzzi contemporaries. The combined headlight/speedometer is derived from a design created for the CB77-based Superhawk ‘full dress’ Police bikes, and a blue light is built into the box fitted behind the stubby solo seat. The siren (bottom image) is a cable-driven mechanical item, triggered by a second lever under the clutch lever; a friction drum is forced against the rotating rear tire to activate the siren. There are crash bars at the front and rear, but they’re so discreetly integrated into the design you barely notice them. I’d take one of these over a checker-striped CB750 custom any day. [Via Bike Bros.]

Honda CB750 Police motorcycle
Honda CB750 Police Police motorcycle
Honda CB750 Police Police motorcycle

  • WRXr

    I’ll take it! Beautiful bike. That speedo is the jewel in the crown for sure.

  • Cool, I love it!

  • ian

    what a truly beautiful machine… you can understand WHY the japs took over the motorcycle scene…

  • kombiman

    It looks very White US BMW!

    These babies also had sand cast crankcases too.

  • Harry Farquhar

    It is real nice looking but I’ll bet it was a whole lot more comfortable to spend all day in the saddle chasing bad guys on one of those “overblown style” Guzzi’s or HD’s. Regardless BMW had the best looking cop bikes from that era anyway. And like a Motor Officer once told me you can’t push a stalled car out of traffic with any bike except an Electra Glide.

  • PeteP
  • Sportster Cafe

    You can easily own one of these, for under $200! Tamiya made a 1/6 scale model of the 750 Four Police bike. Unfortunately, it is out of production, but available on line!

  • Sportster Cafe

    I was beaten to the punch!

  • Dave Kent

    “And like a Motor Officer once told me you can’t push a stalled car out of traffic with any bike except an Electra Glide.”

    Except that, especially in those days, the vehicle most likely needing the push would be your Harley.

  • kim of Copenhagen

    The Suzuki GT750 equivalent is not as simple and elegant as the Honda, but still cool:

  • Wow… Such a classy looking thing. Added to wish list.

  • julien

    Really nice bike!

    Check the little sister the : CB650PZ

  • Wow! I’ve never seen one of these before. So cool!

  • Nice bike

    I recently saw a Honda 750 CBX for sale in Belgium for 1500€
    I wonder its legal to ride it on the road?

    check beneath

  • ivan

    Well guys, i have it, is in very regular condsitions but i have it.

    i have 2 a regular cb750 k1 1971, and the police exaclty as the picture……….

    how much can i get for it????????

  • Peter

    Oooh burn on Checkered customs.

    Beaten out by the 5 – 0

  • Todd

    This model was my first road bike…I bought it at a police auction in Edmonton in 1975 i was 15 years old, to young to bid (or ride) so I had my cousin do it for me (paid 1000 for it) I practiced riding it in a field and the day I turned 16 it was insured. I’m now 50 and after 100’s of thousands of miles on road bikes I still miss it. Unfortunately my buddy who bought it lost it in a fire in 78 in the Yukon.

  • Rmcmichael

    i have a 1978 model with the bags sield etc bought at a windsor police auction still riding and not a lick of trouble