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Garage Company Customs CB750

1975 Honda CB750 customized by Garage Company Customs
The Japanese motorcycle most commonly associated with café racer conversions is the ubiquitous Honda CB750. But we haven’t seen anything like this one before. It’s raw and different, with a rough ‘n’ ready look that strangely works.

It was built by the Alabama shop Garage Company Customs—not to be confused with Yoshinobu Kosaka’s Garage Company in LA—and shop owner Larry has sent us a little background.

“We built two bikes for a father and a son, and this one is the son’s bike. We started with a ’75 CB750 from a local junkyard that was pretty rough: the owner of the yard said it had been with him for at least 15 years. We either redid or replaced everything on it. The customer wanted something rigid, but wanted the café look as well. I’ve never seen a rigid café bike, so we elected to use the stock tank along with clubman bars to give it the look he wanted. The stainless 4-into-2 exhaust was a collaborative effort between us and a good friend, Walker at Morgan Performance Fabrication. The motor was completely gone through with all OEM parts and stock specs, and we used a ribbed rear fender instead of a tail section because of the rigid back half.”

The result is long, low and mean-looking, the motorcycle equivalent of a rat rod auto. GCC styles itself as “Blue-collared, brash and blunt, building kick-ass bikes on a real man’s budget,” and by the looks of this CB750, they’re on the right track.

  • Aloha,

    wow! What a great style!

    Cheers, Andi

  • Derek Larsen

    i like the bike, but i’d have to say that mixing the cafe racer with the hardtail chopper style is a bit like wearing both a mullet AND a bluetooth.

  • mingh

    it could do wih a different tank, but other than that it’s one of the first CB750’s that i like

  • xcaptainxbloodx

    aughhh look at that bar angle! my wrists start aching just looking at it, ergonomics people!

  • carson

    Sick… i love the look I’ve always liked bobbers and cafe bikes but this is a really good combination of the two.

  • Miss Dixie

    LOVE IT! Would not have done a thing different…Killer bike!

  • powermatic

    Other than the clubmans, I’m not seeing much ‘cafe’ here, and a set of drag bars would probably be more comfortable, and wouldn’t change the look. I’m a big proponent of rear suspension, where possible, but can understand the visual appeal. That exhaust, tho, is absolutely killer-the shape, the highlighted welds-on-stainless, and especially the way it exits on one side. Beautiful, one of the best I’ve seen on a 750F.

  • Turgut

    Holy Wheel!

    One of the coolest bikes ever..

    A rusty look could also suit it.. a clear coat of paint over rust.


  • David

    im just in love with the fab work of the exhaust… i dont usually like parrelel fours because of their ugly (but practical) exhaust systems, but this one just looks beaut!

  • This bike in real life is stunning! I know these guys and they really know how to build something cool and unique. They build real bikes for real people and they do it by hand! No 5 axis water jet machines or CNC’d anything.

  • David

    hey whats that sticking out the front of the crankcase? is that an oil filter? :S

  • Hiwatt Scott

    I kinda like it, but I fear it may be one of those bikes that looks good sitting on a kickstand, but looks ridiculous with a rider on it. I could be wrong.

  • As always…badazz!! GarageCo is the best in the south and throw a killer bike night.

  • RetroGrouch

    Pretty cool, I dig it.

  • Thanks for the post. One of the coolest custom CB’s I’ve seen. I love that the bike has no chrome yet the pipes unfinished steel & its welds stand out against the black motor & killer simple patina like paint color. Bravo!

  • WRXr

    Not really a fan of this design, but it does raise a question in my mind. Why doesn’t any one make a descent repro-girder fork? Not a springer…not some stretched chopper girder….just a plain old girder fork. It would help this bike a lot.

    Agree with the other comments about the ergos. Weird handlebar angle and minimally sprung and padded seat look impossible.

  • The handle bar thing is just an illusion. They aren’t pointing up as they appear in the photo. These guys ride these bikes. They don’t just sit on the kickstand and look pretty. They aren’t gonna put the bars on at some ridiculous angle that’s not comfortable.

  • great bike, Can some one tell me is that frame half stock on the front and the rear half is fabricated?

  • francois

    Front half looks stock, rake looks like factory. I would guess they cut the top right after the tank mount and the bottom after the swing arm/mounting bolt. Looks like a clean clip on the back, very nice. I’m sure the hard tail is custom.

  • Woody

    It’s pretty much just a bobber with clubman bars, which look out of place. Everything else though, including that awesome exhaust, is great.

  • ppppenis

    yeah looks mental – anarchy