Honda CL350 cafe racer

Honda CL350 cafe racer
Photographer Joshua Hoffman sent in this terrific image of his monochromatic CL350 café racer. “I found it in a jewelry store in Chapel Hill, NC that was using the bike more or less as décor,” says Hoffman. “The owner rode a while back, and wanted to capitalize on the whole Steve McQueen/Tag Heuer thing by putting a bike in his front window.” The original CL350 was a ‘street scrambler’ with high-set, cross-braced bars, and these have obviously been replaced by drop bars. The frame and wheels have been powdercoated, and the rear fender is chopped. The motor and forks have been sandblasted and the rearsets are actually passenger pegs from a CBR900. “I’m not sure where the seat cover came from,” says Hoffman, “but it’s definitely built on the stock pan. I believe the tank is stock with a fresh rattlecan job—it really looks amazing, and I like the fact it’s got that homebrew vibe to it.” The only performance mod seems to be the new Mikuni VM carbs that Hoffman put on, which should give a useful boost to the 33 bhp output from the stock 325 cc twin. For more on tuning and modifying CB/CL350s, check this excellent FAQ.

  • very nice and a great story behind it too.

  • Turgut

    White frame and black bodywork, very nice indeed.
    Some white stripes on the front fender would add a lot to it.

    Hmm, that could be an interesting Ducati colorscheme..

    Beautiful bike, thanks..

  • Tom Bloss

    Not sure if I like the full fender front/no fender back… seems backwards to me…

  • I know of that jewelry store. He always has nice bikes in it! I think he had a really nice mondial or gilera some time ago..

  • cat

    What is it with this rubbish dark photography? I can’t see a flamin thing in any detail. What is the damn point? I thought this was showing me a bike. If you’re showing me art then its pretty & shadowy ‘n all, but don’t crap on about the detailing on it cos its invisible.

    Its possible my laptop doesn’t give me a great picture, but it’ll be me & all the other people trying to see this stuff using similar LCD screens… get a grip guys.

  • flahkoh

    Elusively beautiful.

  • andydixon

    amazed at the condition of the stock exhaust, it’s hard to find these not completely rotted out… pretty bike!

  • I keep coming back to this bike to ogle for inspiration–it’s easily my favorite on the site. What I like about this bike is how little work has actually been done to it. Most of the builders of UJMs do the same thing: usually grind down and reweld the frame and hide a lot of the wiring and switch gear–I’m not saying their bikes look bad, but the aesthetics contradict the sense of realism which is in this bike. I’m getting the sense that the next big think in bike customization is to just leave them the hell alone.