Honda CL360

Honda CL360
Interest is rising in Honda’s CL series of motorcycles. The CL360 appeared in the late 60s and lasted until 1975, when a final run of candy orange bikes came off the production line. Buyers got a parallel twin OHC motor mated to a six speed ‘box: it was effectively a regular road bike with a raised rear fender, bracing across the handlebar, and high-mount mufflers to create a ‘scrambler’ look. In standard form, this was a sweet-looking bike. But the sleek and sexy bike shown above, showcased on the Do The Ton forum, shows the CL360’s terrific potential to become a lightweight cafe racer.

  • tony starr

    love this shot. would be great to find out the camera and lens used.

    • Chris Hunter

      I’ve just added the EXIF data – forgot when I originally put the post up.

  • dubs

    Honda had the 350 line in the late 60s and into the 70s, The 360s didn’t come out unitl the mid 70s

  • Mike

    Have been scouring the web for a decent picture of this beast!

    Dubs, I’m sure the 360s came out at the top end (late) 70s? Anyone can confirm this?


  • Jeremi Gelinas

    Honda’s 360 came out in 1974 and ran until 1977

  • Skylar

    Wrong side. With a bike like this, you gotta put the exhaust in the picture.

  • Murray

    Skylar, it’s there on the left side, covered in heatwrap… nice little bike.

  • clint

    Currently have honda cl 360 looking to sell decent shape doesnt run but looking to sell any ideas on price????

  • Rob

    Great shot! I’m building a CL/ CR 350 K4 cafe racer currently, and the engine goes back in this weekend. It has K&N ace bars, the top yoke is polished out,tank and seat from Omar’s, and Raask rearsets. I’m using the stock pipes, and retaining both stock fenders. Anyone want to buy the stock seat,tank, footrests, rear lamp, handlebars etc.? All are in
    pretty good condition.

  • BK

    Like the above poster mentioned the cl and cb 360’s were introduced in 74 the cl and cb 350 was introduced in 68. I also think that is a cb750 tank. It is definitely NOT a 360 tank.

  • Duncan

    I just have quick question where could I find a seat like that I just bought a 1975 cl360 and I really like the way the one looks any idea on a website for good aftermarket seats? thanks

  • mark

    Just bought a CL360 to start to make it a cafe. I am looking for some help with suppliers of seats and tanks. Any leads would help a ton. By the way your projects bike are just WOW

  • Unkle Phester

    Whoever thinks the above photo is good doesn’t know much about

    The details are lost in the darkness, the color is oversaturated, and the
    focus is poor in much of the frame.