Honda EVO6

Honda Evo 6 concept motorbike
Honda’s EVO6 concept was the star of the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. Then we all forgot about it. Now the Spanish website SoloMoto is claiming that Honda will soon unveil a production version. It won’t be at EICMA in November, because Honda (and Yamaha) will be absent this year. But a new big Honda might just be in the pipeline: The EVO6 engine was the Gold Wing’s 1832 cc flat six, and production of the Gold Wing is moving from Ohio to Japan. So it could be the time for Honda to take a big leap forward. If the new ‘supernaked’ stays close to the original EVO6 concept, we’ll be overjoyed. We just hope it’s not an auto-only model: the exhibition model was missing a clutch lever and shifter. [For an equally cool but older-style Gold Wing spinoff, check out this extraordinary bobber.]

  • Waaaaaay better looking than the Vmax or the B(urger)King.

  • honda need to productionize (is that a word?) a few of their concepts. i’m hanging for this, the CB1100F. wish the current CB400 had that rear fender/seat design.

  • Arnold

    I think I found my true ride!!! Hehehehe … I love it!!!!!

  • Tinker

    Just hope it doesn’t weigh 800 pounds, like the last Honda prototype I waited for, in production.

  • Incredible

    Now I don’t have to explain to my wife why I keep going to

    @tony starr: +1

  • Spencer

    I want one!

  • Hi fans, look at this:
    I create some new colours for the evo6!

  • A. Smith

    Now this is one of those rare Honda’s that get my blood boiling. The 400 four, CBX and this EVO6 are great eye candy as well as (I am sure) as good as anything Honda has yet produced.

  • Kevin

    As a Valkyrie Interstate owner, I have been waiting for a bike like this…. I didn’t care for the rune because I tour and need the storage space. You would be surprised at the number of people who think my 10 year old is a new model?
    Can we look forward to a loaded version in 2011?

  • Aerion

    It would be nice to see something similar from Honda that uses the longitudinal V4 from the ST1300. Honda’s O4 and O6 engines seem a bit too wide for a standard naked bike.