Kalex Motorcycles

Kalex AV1 racing superbike
It’s not often a superbike catches our eye. But Kalex Engineering has been on the Bike EXIF radar for some time now. The stylish machine above is the AV1, a limited production track weapon with space-age chassis engineering—and the Rotax V990R motor from an Aprilia RSV bored out to 1100 cc.

Described by Performance Bike magazine as ‘The best bike since the Britten’, it was created by Alex Baumgärtel and Klaus Hirsekorn for trackday enthusiasts and riders in the European ‘Sound of Thunder’ race series. The AV1 is about to be joined by the Kalex Moto2, which is on a drawing board right now in Bobingen, Germany. It’s being developed for the Moto2 race category, which uses modified 150 bhp Honda CBR600RR engines and will replace the 250cc class in 2010. We’re betting that one will be a looker too.

Kalex Engineering

  • Milktooth

    It might be a superbike but that’s proper science that is. It’s like someone took the KTM and cleaned up all the lines. Why the hell can’t GSX-Rs look as good as that? LIghts and indicators please.

  • syd

    cool picture… nice