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LSL Clubman Kawasaki W800

Kawasaki W800 custom
Just two hours after Kawasaki took the wraps off its new W 800 at INTERMOT, German tuner LSL-Motorradtechnik revealed the bike that Kawasaki should have built in the first place. LSL boss Jochen Schmitz-Linkweiler used to be a Kawasaki dealer, so he managed to get his hands on a pre-production W 800 before it was released to the public. And he’s turned the lumbering new roadster into a 60s-style flat tracker with a sharper look and better specs. (The standard W 800 has a drum brake at the back, Lord help us, and weighs over 30kg more than Moto Guzzi’s V7 Classic.) The LSL Clubman W 800TR livens things up with new suspension, new brakes, and new bars, triple trees and rearsets. Black anodized aluminum wheels are shod with Pirelli Scorpion tires. A matt black 2-into-2 exhaust system destricts the engine, and if LSL hasn’t already put the bike on a dyno, a few tweaks to the stock ECU should easily result in a useful power boost. How long will it be before a major manufacturer takes note of the growing flat track influence on motorcycle styling, and creates a bike that beats the custom shops at their own game? [For more LSL Clubman goodness, check out their custom Triumphs: the W 740R and the T 860R. Street Triple fans will love the LSL TL-675.]

LSL-Triple Tree Set with 39mm-Serial Forks
Front-Brake system with 300mm Galfer-wave-disc, serial-calliper and stainless steel braided hose
Flat Track Shield
Speedo-unit motoscope classic
LSL Flat Track handlebar (width 840mm)
Adjustable levers (brake/clutch)
CNC-machined LSL rear sets
Flat Track seat
Short rear aluminium fender
Spoked wheels with black anodised aluminium rims 2.50×18 front; 4.25×18 rear
Pirelli Scorpion tires: 110/80-18 front,150/70-18 rear
YSS shocks with adjustable damping
2in2-exhaust system, matt black
Paint: Performance-White with LSL-Decals.

Kawasaki W800 custom
Kawasaki W800 custom
Kawasaki W800 custom

  • oh, ah, chachacha!

  • MTGR


    It took Honda until last year to introduce a chopper after – what? – 15 years of custom choppers being the rage.

    I would not bet on a major jumping on this trend anytime soon. Just factoring-in their development time alone would take a new model to 3+ years from now even if they were already started and they are too cash strapped right now to green-light anything remotely that risky or niche-oriented.

    Which is fine by me, most interesting/niche-models the majors have introduced lately are far too compromised and are just about as expensive as a custom job anyway (which, IMO, is a major reason the majors are all so cash strapped now).

    Let them stick to generic stuff they do well and leave the interesting things to the specialists.

  • carson Leh

    This bike embodies everything that I want in a in a modern motorcycle.


  • Simple, clean. Brilliant!

  • Nice job it looks fantastic! Like they did on a new Bonneville model months ago

  • Oliver

    Nice work from LSL, but where will I ride a bike without lights and licence plate? I would like to see one that meets the regulations (especially here in Germany).

    For the Kawa W 800: 48 hp, 216 kg, druim brakes? I like the thought of a mordern, reliable bike with a 60ies British style, but where is the benefit towards the W 650, or even my old CB 750?

    They could have done better…

  • Tinker

    I rather like to see where I’m going, even if nitwits in cars are not going to pay attention. I want 100 million Candlepower, if I can get it.. That would be a mod I can get into. Other than that, I like a naked bike, that just looks like you are supposed to ride it.

  • I want one!!!

  • Jolyon Russ

    What’s with the magic levitating kickstand in the last shot?

  • Phillip

    And why can’t they bring this to the U.S?

  • mudplug

    Jolyon Russ, that’s just testament to how much weight they’ve saved ;)

  • Davis

    I had a Kawasaki W650 for 6 years, Loved the bike but I wanted a little more Power. I would buy a W800 in a heart beat if it was reasonably priced. I would love to buy the new Honda CB1100 F, But they do not ship to the USA. I despise harleys and anything that looks like a harley. Crotch rockets look good but i want a simple nice Bike. Tell them to ship this Bike to the USA.

  • Vincent Le Fre

    Put a headlight on it, paint the tank a decent colour and you would have the most esthetically balanced motorcycle to appear in, oh I don’t know, 55 years.

  • I ride a Cafe’d W650 now and it’s awesome. Im not convinced i like what LSL have done here though.

  • Tonup – Love to see some pics of your cafe’d w650, can you post them somewhere?

  • Brian

    NIce, but kinda reminds me of an early 80’s Yamaha MX80…just sayin’…

  • Mule

    Is it a street bike, track bike or styling exercise? Could be fun as a track bike, but way too heavy. wrong pipes and it has a center and side stand(?).

    Looks very cool as a street bike, but it would sorta need lights.

    I love the paint job and the simplicity. Power on these is extremely low however. Not sure 800cc would make a lot of difference withe the porting, cam, carbs, valve work and a proper exhaust.

    So….lose the center stand and funky front number plate, give it lights and 50% power upgrade and you’ve got a neat bike to blast around on!!

    Workmanship appears to be topnotch.

  • Mule

    Just read a press release in the issue of “Cafe Racer” that claims 60hp, fuel injection and not coming to the USA. So there you go.

  • leggie

    Everything you need, but power.

  • Regarding the (lack of) lights, the circular logo on the shield at the front shows where the headlight will be fitted. Four micro blinkers will also be fitted to production bikes to make them street legal. LSL simply did not have the time to fit lights before the show, because they only got their pre-production W 800 two weeks before it went on display.

  • Robert

    It cannot come to the US because all Americans want giant lard ass cruisers and cramping crotch rockets and anyone who disagrees with that is an unpatriotic Harley basher. Now everyone go lick Willie G’s ass.

  • Chris Ives

    does anyone know where i can get a tracker style seat the same as the one on the LSL clubman 800 ?