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Matsumaru Kawasaki 250TR

Matsumaru 250TR custom
The SR400/SR500 is the platform of choice for the more leftfield Japanese custom shops, but Kawasaki’s 250TR isn’t far behind. This understated ride is the work of Matsumaru of Fukuoka. It’s running a 21-inch rim at the front and a 16-incher at the back, plus a new tank, seat and headlight assembly. Nothing too drastic, but it works well: a light and nimble bike for those neon city nights. If you like this approach, check out Gravel Crew: they’ve done some great work on the 250TR too. [Via Physikal Graffiti.]

  • Des

    Did they bring these out to Australia?

    • I don’t think they did, unfortunately. But it’s possible to ‘grey import’ one, as people have done with TW200s and FTRs and so on.

  • aeolus

    Great stuff! Check out the link to Matsumaru’s site. The sad thing most of his creations come with sit-up-and-beg bars!