Moto Guzzi Condor

1938 Moto Guzzi GTC/L to Condor spec
One of the most exotic pre-war production racers was the Moto Guzzi Condor, and Bonhams has scored a coup by securing one for its auction this coming Sunday in England. The Condor was a light and agile machine, and could outrun a Gilera with double the horsepower. The Bonhams bike actually started life as a sporting police-issue GTC/L (for Leggera), and was upgraded to Condor specification by the factory just before WWII. The materials were uncommonly exotic for the day: the cylinder barrel and head are aluminum, while the crankcases, engine covers and hubs/brakes are magnesium. Even the 21” wheels are alloy-rimmed. And although this machine rolled off the production line as a GTC, it’s more original than the Condor in Moto Guzzi’s own museum. Bonhams has detailed the interesting history of this bike on its sale site, and if you have £30,000 (US$45,000) kicking around, the Condor could be yours this time next week. And because it’s still got its original road equipment—lights, toolboxes, kick-start and baffled silencer—you might even be able to ride it away. [Thanks to Ian Solley of 7 Ages. The "Important Pioneer, Vintage and Collectors' Motorcycles and Related Memorabilia" auction is on Sunday 25 April 2010. Online catalog here.]

  • Mule

    This bike has one of the more mechanically beautiful motors ever strapped to two wheels! Yes, I’ll take one please!

  • Glenn Edley

    Very cool. And if you could ride it away worth every penny.

  • Buzz Kanter

    Stunning motorcycle. I plan on riding a dirtier and slower version of this superb motorcycle in the Moto Giro USA in 2 weeks. I have a military spec original 1955 Moto Guzzi Airone 250.