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Nimbus bobber motorcycle

Nimbus bobber motorcycle
In Denmark, everybody knows Nimbus motorcycles. They were built between 1919 and 1960 by a company that also made the Nilfisk vacuum cleaner, and today they have a reputation for being reliable if unassuming transportation. This custom Nimbus bobber, however, is very different. Two years ago, Kim Scholer spent two months touring Japan on it, and recorded his trip in a blog. The story was picked up by the excellent British magazine Classic Bike last month, and now Motorcycle Classics has run a feature on how the bike was built. It’s entertaining reading. [Photo by Jeppe Sørensen.]

  • mingh

    there’s another amazing story about 2 norwegians driving their pre was nimbus outfits overland to singapore.
    read more here

  • Scott

    I wonder if Nimbus vacuum cleaners were the inspiration for the name of the flying brooms in the Harry Potter books (The first “nice” one he gets is a Nimbus 3000). Brooms? Vacuum cleaners? Later on he gets a broom caled a Firebolt. Now there’s the Buell Firebolt. Coincidence?

  • You know how I can tell when a motorcycle is cool? When both of my boys won’t stop staring at it. They are 3 and 5 and both were enthralled by this beautiful bike! I love its clean lines but I bet it was a bit brutal for long rides with that hard tail.

  • kim scholer

    Erik; Naw, the bike is actually quite comfortable, mainly because the srock seat has been replaced with a Harley-Davidson solo seat. Sure, 600 or 700 kilometre rides require a few stops, but compared to some other hardtails I’ve tried this one is fine, as long as one stays clear of potholes and lousy dirt roads.