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1979 Porsche Motorcycle Concept

Porsche motorcycle concept from 1979
When the words ‘Porsche’ and ‘motorcycle’ are mentioned in the same sentence, it’s usually in connection with Harley-Davidson: first the abortive Nova project of the 80s, then the VR1000 racer in the 90s, and finally the Revolution engine that appeared in the V-Rod in 2001. But Porsche first dipped a toe into motorcycle design in the late 70s, releasing this little-known Motorcycle Study.

Somewhat surprisingly, the makers of the 4.5L V8-engined 928 wanted to highlight the motorcycle’s superiority in energy use, air pollution and traffic space. “Comfort, safety and protection from mud and water were prime considerations, not the usual fascination with speed.” Love the rider’s outfit, too. [Thanks to Andrea Gerstgraser of Porsche Design Studio.]

  • mitch

    Glad they stuck with cars.

  • JR

    Interesting how the rider’s legs get behind the fairing … good aeros … but it would take a bit to get used to pulling them out of there when you come to a stop.

  • Chris

    Really interesting, but I think they missed the mark on why people ride motorcycles in the first place.

  • Noel Woodroffe

    if i was riding it i would swathe myself in ribbons too so that nobody would see me

  • Sarah Allen

    Hahaha ( shutup to mitch and chris ) i loveeeeeeeee it its amazing :) very stylish