Sommer 462 Diesel

Diesel motorcycle
Diesel motors have never really caught on in motorcycles: most have abysmal power-to-weight ratios. But the German company Sommer has been plugging away with its Royal Enfield-based machines, and proudly claims to be Europe’s #1 diesel motorcycle manufacturer. In India, similar Enfield Bullets were available with an anaemic 325 cc diesel, but Sommer uses a perkier 462 cc motor pumping out a respectable 26 Nm (19 lb ft) of torque at just 2000 rpm. (To put that into perspective, it’s equivalent to a typical 250 petrol bike.) The Sommer 462 can just about do the ton, and uses just 2.5l of fuel per 100km. We like the look of the Scrambler variant in the photo, but it’s nothing compared to the turbocharged, intercooled Track T-800CDI. With a modern chassis and styling—and 130 Nm of torque on call—Track will probably put Sommer’s #1 claim to the sword pretty quick.

  • JR

    How much does this cost? Because the Track is something like 18 grand isn’t it?

  • Burning sensation

    Good torque, but in typical diesel character, not a lot of horsepower. I estimate about 15bhp and a top speed of about 65mph.

  • father garrow

    interesting retro look but go to sommers website and see the other side of the bike. it looks like a rupp mini bike from the 70’s

  • unleash

    @JR: The standard Sommer 462 starts at 7.500€, the Scrambler costs slightly more due to all the manufacturing (there is nothing out-of-the-box).

    @Burning sensation: It is less than 15bhp, it is about 11bhp (11PS). But it is enough to cruise^very comfortable at 80km/h and top speed of 100km/h.

    Sommer sold about 160 Diesel bikes until now – but only one Scrambler (the one on the picture), the others were standard Bullet style more or less. To change this: Two weeks ago I ordered a Sommer 462 Scrambler, with some specialities like “all in stainless steel” and a maintenance-free belt drive. After a test ride last year I know that there a many motorcyclesout there but only one for me. Amazing experience and I can’t wait for it – still three months to go.