Suzuki GSX1100 custom

Suzuki GSX1100 Yoshimura tribute custom motorcycle
This bike is three decades old, but I’m willing to bet that there are few modern machines that could keep up with it. Suzuki launched the GSX1100E right at the end of the 70s, pitching it as a heavyweight musclebike for the touring market. And yes, it had muscle aplenty: with an output of around 100 bhp, it was one of the quickest production bikes you could buy. This pristine example is owned by reader Federico from Italy, who has restored and customised his 1980 model as a tribute to Hideo “Pops” Yoshimura. This particular GSX has considerably more power than the original: Federico has rebuilt the motor using Wiseco 1135cc pistons, WebCam cams and Ape valve springs. It’s breathing through 33mm Keihin carbs, with a Dyna ignition and coils providing the spark. An aftermarket oil radiator keeps temperatures down, and a Barnett clutch transmits the power to the back wheel. (Which is from a 1989 Suzuki GSX-R—as are the forks, front wheel and front brakes.) The frame is braced and lightened, and Pirelli Diablo SC2 tires help keep the shiny side up. A sweet machine, and one to steer clear of at the traffic light Grand Prix.

  • factsmachine

    goes like stink and looks like shit, bikeexif sets a new low

  • John Gall

    Then I must be lower, ’cause this one makes my tongue hard!

  • i love this and don’t understand the first comment. (p.s: never put down someone else’s pride and joy).

  • Agree with Tony Starr. Not sure how such a hot bike and a great shot can “look like shit”. I really like old gizzers and this is a perfect example. Nice find Chris.

  • factsmachine

    Maybe i’m seeing it wrong, but this frankenbike doesn’t even have a headlight. Also on a naked bike, the factory gauges are the last thing that you want prominently displayed on the front. I am a huge fan of streetfighters and own/customized one myself, but this bike needs the giant hole in the front filled with an attractive headlight at the very least, and preferrably some low profile gauges. With the plethora of highly customized streetfighters out there; why pick this one when it’s not even complete?

  • Factsmachine: point taken re the headlight. But I chose this one because most ‘streetfighters’ look like outcasts from a Transformers movie, whereas this one has a much classier retro feel.

  • Its so neeeearly there… such a shame about the spike at the front and no light but the rest of it; actually wait a minute I don’t like the chunky settee on the back and the mismatched fender either.
    In fact lose everything but the frame and forks, swingarm, the engine and the tank and start again. Ha Ha.

  • CC Rider

    Nice hot rod.. One correction, tho’.. there were no GSX’s produced in the ’70’s. Suzuki’s factory hot rod was a GS1100E – no ‘X’. No foul, ya whippersnapper..

  • My understanding is that the bike was called the GS in the USA, and the GSX elsewhere, and was released in 1979.

  • Facebook User

    fantastic. i love it.

  • LarryA

    So… am I the only one that thinks it looks like it’s supposed to have a frame mounted fairing?

  • evilgiles

    Love this bike! Sure it could use a head light but you don’t often see them much tougher than this… And the larger seat just means you can take someone pretty with you. As for factsmachine why don’t you save us from these so called new lows and start a page of your own where we can all come and critique your work…

  • ThreeTimer

    As an owner of an ’83 GS1100E I can attest to the fun factor of these bikes.
    Not break-your-neck acceleration – more of a gentle giant.

    RE: GSX in ’79 – is correct – look here:

    Is that a nitrous bottle lurking where the airbox once was?

  • the bike uses a race vintage fairing.. same as the Suzuka 8 hours GS1000…

  • harry

    Huh….Do I get it right that this is a Yoshimura tribute without the Yoshimura parts.

  • I agree with factsmachine’s first comments, fair play to the owner and I hope he likes it, but it doesn’t look finished at the front and the seat is bizarre. Not something I’ll spend a lot of time admiring like I usually do on bike exif.

  • Josh

    This is one sexy bitch!

  • Federico

    Hi to everybody, as the owner of the bike let me add that this is a racing bike, so no lights, in the front yo’ull have a number plate, the seat is the original “sized down” for racing pourpose. Not a muscle bike, not a replica, not a perfect and polished machine but a racing machine only, that will be scratched and rudely used on the tarmac.

  • ujmcustom


    your a dumbass