The new ICON 1000 MH1000 jacket
Moon Crawler: A stripped back BMW R100 by Ironwood

Moon Crawler: A luxe BMW R100 from Ironwood


If you’re unsure whether classic BMW airheads are still popular custom donors, just ask Ironwood Custom Motorcycles. The Dutch outfit has been going since 2012, but hit top gear a couple of years ago—and have racked up almost a dozen Beemer commissions to meet demand. Many of these builds are based on their blacked-out ‘Death…

Smooth Operator: Vagabund's sleek BMW R100R cafe racer

Smooth Operator: Vagabund’s sleek BMW R100R

For some people, building a minimalist motorcycle simply means stripping off as much stuff as possible. And practicality be damned. But there’s a higher path: one that uses complex solutions to achieve maximum simplicity, without sacrificing an iota of functionality. That’s the philosophy behind Vagabund Moto’s latest project: a super-sano BMW R100R with a smörgåsbord…