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Turkish Delight: a high-performance Triumph Bonneville custom from Bunker of Istanbul.

Factory Fresh: A Bonneville custom from Bunker

The ‘new’ liquid-cooled Triumph Bonneville is on its way. The current Bonnie might have pioneered the ‘modern classic’ segment, but these days the field is stacked. Hinckley has taken note, with five new versions hitting showrooms in 2016. But if you can’t wait until then, there are plenty of ways to give the iconic British…

Yamaha Sr500 customized by Bunker Custom Motorcycles of Istanbul

Yamaha SR500 by Bunker of Istanbul

If you’ve been to Istanbul, you’ll know that it’s riot of color. The bazaars and basilicas are an assault on the retinas, in the best possible way. So it’s surprising to discover that this cool and understated Yamaha SR500 comes from the city formerly known as Constantinople. It’s the work of brothers Mert and Can…