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This Honda CB750K gave Federal Moto their fair share of headaches.

Dark Passenger: The Case of the Cursed Honda CB750K

Motorcyclists are often superstitious creatures. Some riders put guardian bells on their bikes, others won’t ride green motorcycles, and some regard dropping a helmet as bad luck. ICON even sews tiny St. Christopher medallions into the pockets of its jackets. So goodness knows what the Federal Moto crew made of this Honda CB750K. If ever…

Make CBs Great Again: Justin Webster's Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

Make CBs Great Again: Justin Webster’s Honda CB750 cafe


Whenever we question the popularity of classic Honda fours, someone builds a CB that reminds us just how damn charming they can be. Today, that honor goes to Justin Webster of Gainesville, Florida. Justin runs J. Webster Designs—an up-and-coming company designing and manufacturing parts for vintage Hondas (and others). When he’s not focused on that,…